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Our ability audit also continues in this update, with the goal of bringing abilities to be more consistent with one another and how they interact with each other. Each dungeon from Scalebreaker feature new item sets in light, medium, and heavy, including a Monster Mask. Scalebreaker features a number of new collectibles you can obtain by completing the new dungeons:. There are 4 new achievement furnishings available from the Undaunted Quartermaster based on Scalebreaker accomplishments.

Final boss kills in Lair of Maarselok or Moongrave Fane also have a chance to drop one of six new furnishing recipes, teaching you how to craft several shrines and floors from the ancient ruins scattered around Elsweyr. These can drop at any difficulty, but are more likely to appear in Veteran Hard Mode clears of Grundwulf or Maarselok. You can now perform several actions in bulk at crafting stations and receive your items immediately! This includes refining, creation, deconstructing, and extracting, and applies to all crafting stations. Note that a multi-craft will only partially process if your inventory fills during it.

You can now place bids on up to 10 different guild traders per week for your guild. If your guild has multiple winning bids, the bid with the highest gold amount is the one awarded. If you have multiple winning bids with the same gold amount, the oldest bid placed is awarded. As of this update, Undaunted Keys are now located in the currency tab and no longer take up valuable inventory space.

You can also now spend your keys directly via a store with the three pledge masters Urgarlag Chief-bane, Glirion the Redbeard, Maj al-Ragath in a number of ways. In this update, new Jewelry Crafting Master Writs received from daily Jewelry writs will most commonly request a superior piece of jewelry, with a rare chance of epic, and a very rare chance of legendary. The number of writs awarded from newly received epic and legendary Jewelry Crafting Master Writs has been significantly increased. This change is not retroactive. Many item sets have had bug fixes or value adjustments based on our ability audits.

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For example, some weapon altering sets have seen their bonuses adjusted if their related ability has seen drastic adjustment. This is by no means a full pass, and we will be continuing our audit with item sets in a future update. Continue your adventures in the Season of the Dragon! Big Beastly Mega-Bundle!

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