The Sleeping Beauty. Act I, No. 6. Valse (Theme)

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Scene Act Ii 5.

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Hungarian Dance Act Iii 6. Spanish Dance Act Iii 7. Neapolitan Dance Act Iii 8.

Mazurka Act Iii 9. The Lilac Fairy Act I Pas D'action. Adagio Act I Pas De Caractere. Panorama Act Ii Waltz Act I. Andante Semplice - Prestissimo - Tempo I 3. Vn Con in D, Op.

Tchaikovsky - Sleeping Beauty - Introduction - Part 1/5

Pizzicato ostinato - Allegro 4. Allegro con brio 5.


Der Nussknacker. Allegro Moderato 4. Adagio Coda Ouverture Arabischer Tanz Chinesischer Tanz Trepak Russischer Tanz Tanz Der Rohrfloten Tanz Der Zuckerfee Tchaikovsky Ed. CD 1: Symphony No. Daydreams of a winter journey. Allegro tranquillo 12'59 3. Land of gloom, land of mist. Adagio cantabile, ma non tanto 11'07 4. Allegro scherzando giocoso 7'52 5. Andante lugubre - Allegro moderato 11'32 6. Festival Overture in E flat Op.

Waltz Sleeping Beauty Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky For Oboe Piano

CD 2: Symphony No. Andante Sostenuto - Allegro Vivo 12'26 9. Andantino Marziale - Quasi Moderato 7'54 Allegro molto vivace 5'53 Moderato assai 11'19 CD 3: Symphony No. Andante elegiaco 9'47 Allegro vivo 6'24 Allegro con fuoco Tempo di pollaca 10'40 Fantasy Overture for orchestra in F minor Op.

CD 4: Symphony No. Andante Sostenuto - Moderato Con Anima 19'07 Andantino in modo di canzona 9'42 Pizzicato ostinato 5'32 Allegro con fuoco 9'06 CD 5: Symphony No. Andante - Allegro Con Anima 15'23 Allegro moderato 5'50 Andante Maestoso - Allegro Vivace 12'14 CD 6: Symphony No. Adagio - Allegro Non Troppo 18'22 Allegro con grazia 7'24 Allegro molto vivace 9'23 Adagio Lamentoso - Andante 10'20 Lento lugubre 18'32 Vivace con spirito 9'56 Andante con moto 11'51 Allegro con fuoco 19'20 Fantasy Overture after Shakespeare 19'30 Moderato Assai 1'34 Allegro vivo 0'22 Moderato assai 0'41 Allegro giusto ed agitato 3'07 Allegro Semplice 3'02 Fanfare 0'21 Act 3 9 Entr'acte.

Andante Quasi Allegretto 3'16 Fanfare 0'10 Fanfare 0'15 Allegro giusto ed agitato 2'04 Act 4 13 Entr'acte. Andante Non Troppo 'Elegy for Strings' 7'12 Ophelia's scene. Andantino 2'24 Ophelia's second scene. Moderato 2'07 Act 5 16 Entr'acte. Moderato Assai 5'27 Dead man's song. Andantino 0'54 Funeral march. Moderato assai 4'36 Allegro giusto 0'21 Final march.

Allegro risoluto ma non troppo 0'46 CD Orchestral Suite No. Introduzione e Fuga 9'26 Divertimento 5'35 Intermezzo 7'46 Marche miniature 1'58 Scherzo 6'50 Gavotte 4'43 Orchestral Suite No. Jeu de sons 9'53 Valse 5'43 Scherzo burlesque 5'05 Danse baroque 4'03 Andante molto cantabile 10'03 Valse m,lancolique. Allegro moderato 5'29 Molto vivace 4'33 Tema con variazioni. Andante con moto 18'42 Allegro Gigue K 1'36 Moderato Minuet K 3'47 Andante non tanto Ave verum corpus K 3'44 Allegro giusto Unser dummer P"bel meint K 15'06 CD Swan Lake Op.

CD Sleeping Beauty Op. Prologue Pas de Six: Fleur de Farine 0'35 CD The Nutcracker Op. Act 1 First Tableau The Christmas Tree 4'03 March 2'19 The Magic Spell Begins 6'47 Second tableau Scene in the Pine Forest Journey through the Snow 3'40 Waltz of the Snowflakes 6'24 Divertissement 4'32 Spanish Dance 1'11 Arabian Dance 3'23 Chinese Dance 1'06 Walt Z of the Flowers - 6'42 Pas de Deux. Tarantella 0'44 Dance of the Sugar - Plum Fairy 2'15 CD Piano Concerto No. Andante Semplice - Prestissimo 6'25 Allegro con fuoco 6'53 Allegro brilliante 20'18 Andante non troppo 8'56 Allegro con fuoco 7'56 Allegro brillante 14'15 Andante 9'26 Allegro maestoso 7'51 Concert Fantasy Op.

The Sleeping Beauty. Act I, No. 6. Valse (Theme) Sheet Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Quasi rondo. Andante mosso 14'43 Andante cantabile 13'15 CD Violin Concerto Op.

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Allegro moderato 18'44 Andante 6'26 Allegro vivacissimo 10'44 Souvenir D'un Lieu Cher Op. M,ditation 10'23 Scherzo 4'01 M,lodie 3'30 CD Cello Works Serenade for Strings in C Op. Moderato Tempo di valse 3'39 Larghetto elegiaco 8'27 Finale Tema Russo. Andante - Allegro Con Spirito 7'07 CD Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom Op. Lord, have mercy 3'12 Glory be to the Father 4'10 O come, let us worship 4'16 Alleluia 1'10 Glory be to Thee 3'52 Hymn of the Cherubim 7'51 Lord, have mercy 2'04 The Creed 4'27 The mercy of Peace 3'16 We sing Thee 3'18 It is meet 4'07 Amen, and with Thy Spirit 1'42 Our Father 3'53 Praise ye the Lord from the Heavens 3'14 Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the Lord 4'58 CD Secular Choral Works M,ditation 22'40 Scherzo 20'24 M,lodie 12'40 CD String Quartet No.

Moderato e semplice 11'34 Andante cantabile 6'33 Allegro non tanto e con fuoco 3'51 Allegro Giusto - Allegro Vivace 7'17 String Quartet No. Andante sostenuto 15'19 Allegretto vivo e scherzando 4'01 Andante funebre e doloroso ma con moto 9'47 Allegro non troppo e risoluto 5'47 Adagio 12'48 Allegro giusto 5'33 Andante ma non tanto 11'19 Allegro con moto 6'14 Three Short Pieces - 64 CD The Seasons Op.

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Album for the Young Op. Allegro con fuoco 7'43 Andante 3'47 Allegro vivo 4'28 Allegro vivo 5'13 CD Shorter Piano Works CD 1 Feuillet D'album Op.

Free sheet music Op. 66, (Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilitch) The Sleeping Beauty (ballet)

Six Pieces on a Single Theme Op. Praeludium 1'50 Fugue 2'54 Impromptu 1'46 Trauermarsch 5'48 Mazurka 4'10 Scherzo 4'32 Piano Sonata in G Minor Op. Moderato e risoluto 10'29 Andante non troppo quasi moderato 9'02 Allegro giocoso 3'02 Allegro vivace 6'03 CD 12 Pieces Op. Etude 1'28 Chanson 2'29 Marche 5'11 Mazurka in C 2'49 Mazurka in D 2'41 Chant 2'01 Au village 3'17 Walzer 2'24 Walzer 2'53 Danse russe 2'21 Scherzo 2'30 Violin Concerto in D Op. Allegro moderato 17'09 Andante 6'17 Allegro vivacissimo 9'12 CD Children's Songs Op. Six Romances Op. CD Songs You fool, do not go Op.

Six French Songs Op. Serenade 2'03 Disillusionment 3'12 Serenade 3'20 Let the winter Tears 2'58 Enchantress 1'25 Hamlet Op. Ophelia's First Scene 3'10 Ophelia's Second Scene 2'39 Grave - digger's Song 1'18 CD The Oprichnik Opera in four acts and five tableaux Libretto by the composer after the play by Ivan Ivanovich Lazechnikov Zachar'evna 5'28 Basmanov 2'44 Zachar'evna 4'14 Act 2 First Tableau Chorus of Oprichniks 2'38 Vjaz'minskij 2'20 Vjaz'minskij 2'22 Andrej 3'37 Morozova 2'27 Natal'ja 2'33 Vjaz'minskij 5'42 Vassily Savenko, Prince Zemchuznyj, bass Elena Lassoskaya, Natal'ja, soprano Dmitri Ulianov, Molchan Mit'kov, bass Irina Doljenko, Bojarina Morozova, mezzosoprano Vsevolod Grivnov, Andrej Morozov, tenor Alexandra Durseneva, Basmanov, contralto Vladimir Ognovenko, Prince Vjaz'minskij, baritone Cinzia De Mola, Zachar'evna, soprano Konstantin Shilovsky Act 1 Scene 1 CD Evgeny Onegin Act 3 Scene 1 Joan 2'21 King 0'36 Sofia Preobrazhenskaya, Joan of Arc Nicolai Konstantinov, The Cardinal Odilia Kashevarova, Agnes Sorel Vitali Runovsky, Dunois Solomiak, Lionel Vladimir Ulianov, Raymond Ivan Yashugin, Thibaut D'arc Shashkov, Bertrand Vodsinsky, Soldier Marin, Laure Merzhevskaya, Angel Grishanov, Minstrel CD The Maid of Orleans Chorus 6'51 My father!

All 3'50 All 2'28 Joan 3'10 Help me, I am afraid! CD Iolanta Where are you?

CD Mazeppa Opera in three acts - Libretto.