The Mouse Who Farted. Look What He Started.

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"Alexa, fart," plus 15 other useful Echo tricks and tips | ZDNet

Terry blew a flute which summoned some robots. He later threw it at one of it saying its means get him. The robots started attacking Randy. He is relaxed as he thought they were plain flower which turn out to be mine cutters. He defeated all of them, which causes Terry to feel disappointed until Viceroy told him he made a gigantic robot.

Hannibal is mad at Viceroy saying he couldn't help himself which cause Viceroy to reply that his mother say that over-achieving is one of his finest qualities. Randy is cornered and is forced to take cover as the robot can shoot fire everywhere and he realize Terry is more dangerous than Hannibal even though he is an unknown ally. He realize that Hannibal is his ally in this case. He then threw hot balls at Hannibal's metal hand which reflected in the base of the robot. It exploded and destroy Whoopee World.

11 Weird Facts About Farts You Never Knew, Like That They Can Kill You, Probably

Terry realize that business is not his thing and Hannibal comforts him saying he could never be a deadbeat and later asks him to sign the paper. Terry thanked Hannibal. Hannibal told Randy they will start fresh tomorrow. Randy says that he learn a few things and Howard say he forgot to listen to him then the whole would not happen. The episode ends with Randy walking away from Howard. This episode article is a stub. You can help Disney Wiki by expanding it.

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Start a Wiki. It premiered on October 26 , Dougie laughed "You don't want to worry bout im, eez armless enough". Old Dan wasn't convinced, "Harmless you say, well I can tell you a huge Ogre with his big fanged teeth might seem harmless to you, but for an old Owl like me with my constitution he's very scary".

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Old Dan still didn't seem convinced, but he carried on and soon they came to the bridge. Dougie led the way and marched over the bridge. Dougie just continued and was soon on the other side.

"Alexa, fart," plus 15 other useful Echo tricks and tips

Old Dan took off and silently flew over with Ernie right behind him. And Offa emerged waving his big club, startled, Old Dan let out a huge fart and a yelp, and in a flash Ernie had opened the wooden lid to his leather fart catching bucket and swished it behind Old Dan catching the escaping gas. Dougie and Ernie were rolling on the ground in fits of laughter as Old Dan fell to the ground in shock.

With that, Ernie sitting cross legged, placed the leather bucket with the wooden lid between his legs. From his pouch he took a small green bottle, a cork, a piece of string, a paper label, a pencil. He then pulled from his pocket the transfer tube and the handle. He placed the rubber tube into the nozzle on the side of the bucket, then he inserted the handle and slowly turned it.

This forced the contents in the bucket down the tube and into the storage bottle. By now Old Dan had recovered and was sitting in the branch above them.

I have to save my classmate from a creepy teacher - Clip from 'Sweet Revenge'

This caused the three others to go into a further laughing fit. As the three friends regained themselves Ernie was staring at Offa and Dougie with a strange expression on his face. Ernie didn't answer, he just took off his own hat before showing it to them, the three of them took a second to see what he was showing them before checking themselves.

Animal Gas

In the distance they heard a faint laughter followed by a twit twoo call. The three of them approached the cave together, Old Dan went in through the special hole cut high in the doorway. Dougie and Ernie knocked the large knocker. He was an old fellow, in a long dark green robe with a big hood hanging down his back. His beard was long and white as snow, as was the hair sticking out from the sides of his big pointed hat which had a fold near the end which put a little twist in it.

Rontolag sat down again and sipped his tea,. Rontolag went on to explain that normal steel could be coated with his special spell mix, however the final ingredient was a fart, a very specific fart, for it had to be from a coughing Dragon. He explained the Dragon had the hardest scales and even Ratling arrows would bounce off them. Dougie shook his head in agreement. He went on to explain that Malagog the Black Dragon was currently hunting the sheep on the low slopes of Mount Karn. Rontolag and Old Dan looked sheepishly at each other, before Rontolag told them that they were not in fact the first Fart Farmers entrusted with this mission and that unfortunately Malagog had captured them both and held them in the cave on the West face of the mountain.

So plans were made and routes were planned before Dougie and Ernie said their farewells to Rontolag and Old Dan. The two of them headed off North towards the dark shadow on the horizon which was Mount Karn. The next day after they had woken, they had marched their way out of their territory and into that of Knobby and Snubs.

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They marched all day without seeing anyone. Then as they approached the river which separated the woods from Mount Karn they suddenly froze. Just then the bright sunshine of the day was placed in shadow as Malagog passed directly over them. The Dragon swooped past and curved away to the west side of the mountain a sheep in its giant claws. As they set off across the grass plain which connected the wood to the mountain. The blanket of night was sliding in as they reached the base of the mountain, they agreed that they would continue as long as possible until they would stop due to the darkness.

On and on they climbed as the light steadily slipped over the horizon, then they froze as they heard movement above them.

Looking up they saw Malagog standing at the entrance to the cave, stretching his wings and looking out over the plain. Malagog turned and crawled back into the cave. Ernie agreed so they pushed on up to the mouth of the cave.

Both were puffing and blowing as they reached it, and after a minute to get their breath back they slipped quietly into the cave. The first thing they noticed was the low rumbling which was Malagog snoring, there were bones scattered all over the floor of the cave.

Dougie nodded solemnly as they carefully picked their way further into the cave. They were lucky as this evening there was a full moon, and it cast a dull blue light which was helping them see. Slowly they made their way towards it, but as they got closer the huge sleeping Dragon could be seen just behind it. Dougie placed his finger on his lips, Ernie nodded his agreement as they tip toed closer.

When they got to the cage they were relieved to see Knobby and Snubs curled up asleep inside. Dougie slipped his leg in-between the wooden posts and gave Knobby a gentle prod with his toe. But instead of waking he mumbled, farted and kicked Snubs up the arris. Ernie immediately whipped the lid off his fart bucket, but Dougie slapped him on the back of his head.

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  6. He was about to complain when a foot went over his mouth, when he looked past it he saw his old mates Dougie and Ernie both pressing their fingers to their lips. Dougie and Ernie gave a silent thumbs up before carefully climbing to the top of the cage where the hatch was.

    Once there it was easy to slide out the bone peg which had locked Knobby and Snubs inside. Knobby asked them if they were still going to try and get the fart which Rontolag needed, they confirmed they were going to try. They offered to help, but Dougie explained that he and Ernie had always worked alone. Knobby and Snubs nodded their agreement, before it was decided they would hide outside the cave and hopefully the four of them could make their way back to Hoopen Tor together. With Knobby and Snubs safely outside the cave the two little gnomes began to hatch their plot.

    Next morning as Malagog woke, he immediately saw the two little gnomes had escaped the cage. He slammed the wooden cage with his wing and it shattered into a thousand pieces.