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Album For The Young Op 68 No 10 The Merry Peasant Returning From Work

Not in stock, but can be ordered - usually despatched within 7 days. Sometimes it is the title of the piece that makes us laugh, as in 'Two Funny Aunties Quarrelling' Khatchaturian. And even music-making itself can be fun, e.

The Merry Peasant, Returning from Work by Robert Schumann

Couperin: Harlequin L. Plus, it teaches you to play with a little more concentration; nothing like a blinking red light to help you focus! If you can stick a USB drive in your piano, it's not difficult. These days I find myself using Pianoteq on my laptop to record, and I like how it's always recording too. I then use an audio editing program to patch together sections if I can't be bothered playing it over and over to get one good take.

As I'm playing, if I make a flub, I start again from wherever there was a good "rest" or starting point a little earlier, then just remove the excess. For a two-page piece, there's usually a natural dividing line between sections ABA etc. If I feel I could do it better, I just start from the top and do another take, maybe two, sometimes of just the second page if the first page was good on the first take. I find it important not to record for too long as your playing goes downhill after so many minutes of intense concentration.

Hi everyone, I decided to stray away from classical for my piece this week! The main theme from Interstellar posed some new, but welcome challenges for me.

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For instance, learning and playing so many of the 10th arpeggios was and still is quite difficult. Additionally, the piece is much longer than most pieces I play so stamina has been a concern. Does anyone have any tips for expanding hand span and increasing comfort when playing 9ths, 10ths, and large interval single-hand arpeggios in general? I feel as if I tense up too much when I stretch far and when I play broken arpeggios at fast tempos.

About 'The Merry Peasant'

I've been doing more octave scales as a warmup now but I am curious what others do to overcome these hurdles! Lustig und Traurig WoO 54 - Beethoven 3. I would love to join this challenge this year! I started to hate piano and had multiple weeks where I couldn't practice even once. The exam was this week and my piano teacher and I decided 2 weeks ago to not attend as the stress wasn't worth it.


It was a great choice because over the last week I started 2 new songs and have perfected them enough to move on this week. Burgmuller 25 Progressive Pieces Op No. I was pretty pleased, I sight read the whole piece at about half tempo. I'm already plotting the quickest walking route to the Yamaha booth in the morning. Have my badge already. Then over to Kawai. Hope I'm not disappointed Pinocchio in guerra duet piece 2. Czerny Op. I had a bunch of exams in school these two weeks there are just 2 for next week, so I will have more practice time I hope I haven't missed out on too much since I posted my first piece at the start of this month.

But, now the good news: I have brought with me some new pieces. I have to say that they aren't seamless, but, I hope you guys enjoy it! This is stuff I learned in the span of a little over 3 and half months. Originally Posted by Keselo. Are you working your way through all of Grieg's Op.

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It's such a great collection, probably my personal favourite book of Lyric Pieces. Watchman's Song is just so good Originally Posted by Medden. Here's an update to my list: 1. Clementi: Sonatina in G, op. The Bach Prelude in D minor BWV is surprisingly challenging, especially at the end where there's this super-fast arpeggiated pattern. I've been working on that one all month! Please add me too. I have not decided on my pieces, I am currently working on grade 5 RCM so i will look for grade pieces to learn Thanks. Hi, I haven't been on piano world for a good 10 years so I don't really remember how this all works.

But I would like to join this 40 pieces a year group. I am a early intermediate level, does anyone know what number level that would be?

As far as looking up pieces that I might be able to conquer in a week This will be a huge challenge for me considering I don't think i have ever completed a piece since my teacher moved away. I am hoping that this might get me to follow through on some pieces that I find. So, please add me in. Thank you, KaylaX. Originally Posted by KaylaX. Thank you Keselo for your response and your list of music suggestions.

That was my next task to take on was to find some music to play. I have some music here at home, but most of it has been a challenge. I have heaps of stuff I have printed, attempted, and then thrown aside.

Fünf Gedichte, Op 19 - Hyperion Records - CDs, MP3 and Lossless downloads

Ok, time to get to work before my kids come home. Good luck to me, and Good Luck to all!!! Another Tim Richards piece from me. I am working on other pieces too, so I'll have some variety in the list soon I hope! Working through the exercise piece in this book gels really well with this challenge for me. This one was good fun, and the improv section came together more easily this time than in the first piece as with that, the first section is as written on the sheet, the next section is improv in the RH, then the opening section repeats 1.

Blue Third Blues - Tim Richards 2. Five Finger Blues - Tim Richards link. Hi, please add me to the list! Have only learnt one piece so far though. River Flows In You - Yiruma. Hi, Please sign me up for a challenge. I already started 40 pieces challenge myself. I actually register in pianoworld for this.

Thank you. What a great idea and incentive this is. As an adult beginner, I cant guarantee that I will succeed but here goes with my first piece!

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Henry Purcell Minuet in A minor. Originally Posted by QuinGold. Just a thought having scanned the recent postings: I notice we have many newcomers doing the challenge this year, which is great!