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According to a writer for Expert magazine, many film viewers noticed similarities between the plots of Sheep and Wolves and another Russian animated film that was released in Russian theaters in March named Kikoriki. Legend of the Golden Dragon Legend of the Golden Dragon involves its protagonist Barash transforming into a caterpillar by wearing a helmet invented by a scientist at Kikoriki Island. As the journalist analyzed, "Unlike the Smeshariki, where the personal relationships between the almost sexless heroes have already been established, the Romantic line is clearly drawn in the Wolves and the Sheep: the main character - Wolf Gray is not very clever trying to attract the attention of the wolf Bianchi - this is one of the obstacles that He has to overcome in a duel with himself.

Sheep and Wolves took five years to make [10] [7] and was produced on a budget of million rubles by around people from several countries. Sheep and Wolves was Wizart's production that involved the animators having to deal with controlling the wool for the characters the most. The lip movements of the characters were animated based on the English dub of the film.

Company leader Emil Simeonov recalled the marketing campaign that took place in the nation for the film as "massive, we had four of the top 20 most popular singers and actors involved and we covered every channel I know, even a few communication channels I'd heard of for the first time. The film ran at the Russian Film Week in London. Festival Filip Perkon said that animated films like Sheep and Wolves would be the easiest Russian films to reaching audiences from across the globe. In Russia, with the film opening at theaters in its first week, [24] Sheep and Wolves debuted at number two, grossing 46,, rubles [2] and attracting more than , viewers.

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Sheep and Wolves received mixed reviews from critics. A reviewer from Weburg , scoring the film a seven out of ten, compared it to Kung Fu Panda The critic said the children would enjoy its humor and story and the adults its references to other films.

Olivier Bachelard, writing for the French source Abus de Cine , praised the film's visuals, highlighting its "fluid" animation and "impressive" use of colors, and wrote that young viewers would enjoy the story. However, he also disliked its "useless" scenes, "somewhat disappointing" characters, and the character designs, describing them as "dressed in grotesque hairstyles.

In an April interview, Yuri Moskvin revealed that the company began a script for a sequel of the film planned for release in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Sheep and Wolves Russian theatrical release poster. Wizart Animation. Alexandre Lessertisseur composer Wizart Animation production complany. Main article: Sheep and Wolves 2: Pig Deal. Beeezumnoe prevrashchenie ". Box Office Mojo. Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 18 July Sheep and Wolves Official Website. Retrieved 15 July Expert Group. Cinemotion Lab. I wanted to offer the same talent and experience here that is in New York City. My inspiration was to create a space to gather incredible talent where all forms of art and creativity can exist. From hair, which I consider an art form, to film, photos and street art, all under one roof.

Part of my vision was to create a diverse team that could flourish and attract all types, allowing us to be inclusive of who comes in and out of the space while offering an incredible experience. Were there any challenges that made you think twice about striking out on your own? Starting out with a business, financial concerns are almost unavoidable.

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But knowing what is right, such as the location and timing, you just have to trust your gut feelings and stay on your vision. It has been a great journey. Even the challenges and mistakes have been an amazing growth opportunities.

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Kindness is imperative and coming from a good place with all my relationships. But once in a while I have to let someone move on.

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And it is never easy. Nothing beats making someone feel good about themselves.

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Being here and still cutting is what makes this job not feel like work. How it really is a business of attraction. The more positive the energy when doing the things right, amazing things can happen. I knew the laws of attraction were powerful, its great to see if come to life.

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Unusual things happen in unusually beautiful places. We are heavily involved within the cancer community. Whether it be through a transition or helping to rebuild their lives, the experience helps us to connect with them and to their walk of life. It is beautifully unusual and makes this line of work worth every second.