How to make a Simply Sweet Argyle Duct Tape Purse

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I think of this recipe for Cheesy Potato Crisps as a meatless alternative to sausage balls. They taste very similar to sausage balls and are a great appetizer for all ages. Serve these alone or alongside your favorite dips like ranch and honey mustard. Directions: In a small bowl, combine all ingredients. Place on an ungreased baking sheet and flatten slightly. Remove to a wire rack. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!

And I wish you all good luck and blessings in the new year! Merry Christmas to everyone! And another big thanks if you linked up at any of the other linky parties! Hope you enjoy! Hope everyone has a joyous Christmas and a fun New Year! Link up your posts below! I always love thinking of new ways to use and reuse things, especially containers! For starters, consider covering the can with a little wrapping paper and then fill it with candy!

The cans also make great storage containers for your ribbon, scissors, and other gift wrapping supplies. Or use them to store your crafting supplies! And of course you can also use them to wrap packages. Or use them to craft your own holiday centerpiece! Can you think of some other fun things to do with these cans?

Black Bean Spirals 2. Black Bean Spirals 3. Sausage Balls. We had so many fun Christmas projects last week! I absolutely love personalized family mom jewelry.

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I just love the finely polished heart in the center, and it looks wonderful with the names wrapped around. Buy it! Win it! The rainbow watercolor background gives you all the vibrancy of the season while the white birdie and heart design bring a lovely whimsical element. The dark clouds are gone, so what better way to celebrate the season change than with this colorful cloud-like design? You could even use different colors for each nail if you really want to amp up the color. This one is actually so easy to do because the nail polish brush already gives you the perfect shape and thickness.

Try to use these throughout the season for the perfect spring look. The colors are perfect for spring and the design is something you just can not look away from! I love this funky bold and bright spring flower. The inclusion of this delicate and blingy flower design on an accent nail is what really made me fall in love with this one. If you really want to, you can do it in color, but I think the monochrome suits it perfectly. Go on and give it a try! This is adorable! This neon and glitter flower design is a fun one to show off as it will certainly get you some attention.

Get yourself some nice springy colors like those in the tutorial and argyle away!

John Lewis Argyle Green Fir Christmas Tree, 8ft

Bears emerge from hibernation in the spring, so why not celebrate that incredible natural phenomenon with these pastel bear and polka dot nails? Everyone loves a cuddly teddy bear! Cherries are possibly the easiest fruit to paint on your nails, so you might as well give it a try. I plan on enjoying many cherries in my cocktails this spring! Painting nail strips and sticking them on your nails is just so much easier than actually trying to paint this pattern directly onto your nail.

I love the little touch of bling you get from the rhinestone raindrops. Remember back when you were a kid and you felt so proud of your cross stitching triumphs?

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Well, now you can channel that on your nails. Of course, this can be stamped on any background color, but the rainbow gradient is just so darn cheerful! Amazing collection to view and inspire! Its 2 years later and still just as relevant!! Thank you for being the one to bring these all together so that other nail art enthusiasts could also be abundantly refreshingly endowed with new forms, styles and colour combos for their ever evolving nail art!!

Cheers Elizabeth. From Angel in Perth, Western Australia. Great job! I tried them at a sleepover. The results are amazing!

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I agree, Angel, tho! DIY is not so cheap! As a poor person, I use DIY braces, so hmm. I also did a DIY home decorating, painting, and a bunch more. Even clothes! In this day in age, it is abnormal to even paint our own nails. Well, my parents are poor. I am only Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And it comes with a collectible bag and a bowling ball pencil holder. Using a truly great travel pillow on a long trip is like writing with a really fine pen or watching a movie in 4K for the first time: You'll wonder how you ever got by before it.

Our soft cotton bibs display Times-inspired messages for your little newsmaker and have snap closures. They are made in America by Everybody. Coffee and crosswords — born to go together! Solve using the enclosed pencil, wash it off and then solve it again. This updated version of the utilitarian apron features durable denim, an adjustable strap and two front, waist-high pockets. Not much bigger than a deck of cards, the BioLite Sunlight is a bright light that comes with a stand and clip, so you can prop it up on a table or hang it from a tent loop. Of everything I've done to improve my productivity, goal-setting and goal-accomplishing, using the Self Journal has had by far the greatest impact.

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Physically writing out how you want to organize your day is the best motivational tool I've ever seen. Stay on the right side of the zombie apocalypse with this soft T-shirt. Mmm, brains. Mmm, crosswords. Sentimentalists will appreciate a photo gift from Minted, with options designed by independent artists from around the world. They can be customized in countless ways including with quotes, dates, background colors and foil elements. Whether colored by adults or children, the Black Cosmic giant coloring poster from OMY, a French company best known for its mural-sized offerings, has an illuminating twist — when the lights go out, parts of it glow in the dark.

Produced in California, the new Bertoux is a blend of pot-distilled brandies that are aged three to seven years, resulting in a nutty tasting spirit with hints of apricot and orange blossom. Most mugs are mass-produced overseas and are as forgettable as truck-stop coffee. Not this one. Flowers in your hair wilt.

Step 1: Making Duct Tape Fabric

Flower-print headbands, on the other hand — like this prairie-girl style from Batsheva — are a trend we hope will never die. From tea to tequila, the Yeti Rambler Tumbler is a durable stainless steel ounce cup with double-wall insulation that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. The magnetized lid helps prevent spills.

I always carry a Baggu Standard bag, and use it to haul groceries, books from the library, leftovers from lunch and even laundry. The bags are machine-washable, come in an abundance of prints and colors, and pack down to a pocket-size square. Kiwi Crates contain challenging and fun projects that mix art, science, and tech to the delight of our seven craft kit testers ages It was the one they kept coming back to, even after trying 13 other options.

Maison Balzac's wick scissors sound like a frivolous purchase, but they become necessary once you see how well they work. The wide blades catch the wick and the long arms allow for reach.