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Click here for the extended rules Please report any comment that does not follow the rules and remember that mods have the final say. No-one will ever visit to see them. Within 2 years, everything will be AR. There will be no coffee tables. Your coffee will be programmatically injected into you via your personal human life tube, provided by Google. What animal doesn't fart?

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Those with a two way feeding system might not fart as we know it, but that's likely more a semantic argument. According to an episode of QI I watched once kangaroos do not, in fact, fart. This has led to efforts to replicate kangaroo gastrointestinal conditions in beef cattle for environmental reasons. Well I'll only be buying the definitive guide, no need to waste money on a non-definitive guide. I was under the impression that cows on farms had gas issues at least partially because they're given lots of corn and recalled Skittles and things like that to eat.

So if they were made to not burp, wouldn't their current diets simply kill them? We'd have to let them just graze and eat the things they were built to eat, which factory farms just wouldn't do unless absolutely forced to. Or feed them seaweed.

The Fart Party's Over

Apparently some tests have shown that introducing seaweed into the diet of cows reduces the production of methane. Don't take my word for it though, Google is much better at these sorts of things. Yup but their are prey animals so they will mask any vulnerability until their almost dead. Very hard to catch in time.

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Had a house rabbit that had it and it was a close call. My current rabbits live put in the yard in a big enclosure and I doubt I'll be able to be on time with them if it were to happen. I only noticed it with the house bunny because he kept hopping, laying down, hopping up again Recognised the symptoms, rushed to the vet and was told it was just in time.

They can fart, but it needs to be watched because it sometimes means they could be bloated. I blame my dog every time I fart audibly. He also farts a lot on his own.

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Have to mix it up, my friends. You're lucky. I genuinely thought I had a problem with my drains for the first few months of dog ownership. I meant the answer was obvious, but the smell was that bad. I don't think my current dog has farted, at least not inside. Unlike my previous puppy which could clear a room if he got a hold a raw hide. My dog used to never fart, if he did it was unnoticeable, but now he's 15 yrs old and at random times he will fart a silent killer that fills an entire room. Mine did that! Turns out she has a sensitive stomach, we put her on a more expensive cat food with a higher meat content, farts stopped and she's a much happier girl :.

My House cat seems to prefer the cheaper food for whatever reason. I'm a farmer and we have a lot of cats for vermin control. They are always quite gasey as kittens but as they get older they stop. Ah see mine had the accompanying squits - her bowel issues cleared up as soon as we took her off high street brands. Little bastard eats better than I do!! Every time my dog gets settled on my chest, and facing me, he let's out a little burp and then looks at me- Little bastard knows what he's doing lol. Mine likes to drop a silent-but-deadly and slink away. For the longest time we blamed the children.

I had that cat! Except he would fart on everyone but me. Air thus inhaled could be exhaled with force sufficient to extinguish a candle from a distance of a foot— no mean feat.

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But such tricks were neither the true measure of his artistry nor, as we will learn, his unappreciated contribution to science. He was startled and somehow sucked sea water into his rectum. Young Joseph, being a curious lad of experimental bent, soon discovered that he could inhale air as well as seawater though his rectum, and could exhale this air in a controlled manner.

Passing gas is an art and science

Unlike lesser men, Pujol was an entrepreneur who appreciated the comic and musical potential of a controllable anal air flow that lasted ten to fifteen seconds. Pujol was a direct sort who believed in immediately getting down to business in his interview. He would begin with a series of ordinary farts, describing each in turn— a little girl, a mother-in-law, a bride on her wedding night weak and on the morning after loud , tearing cloth, cannon fire, and thunder.

With a tube inserted in his rectum, he would smoke a cigarette or attach a flute and play tunes. But his real artistry was accomplished au naturel. He made audiences delirious with joy, writhing in their seats, tears streaming, with some fashionably dressed and corseted women so overcome that they were carried into hallways to be revived.

Amazingly, no part of his performance was faked, as he once demonstrated in the nude before a panel of earnest and curious physicians. In his City of God Book XIV, Chapter 24 , this pious advocate of willpower claimed knowledge of someone with such control of his rectum that he could break wind continuously at will and produce the effect of singing. Granted, buttspeak does seem a very dark horse in the vocal evolutionary sweepstakes, but looking at the possibilities of this option of speech origin is informative.

My foray into fart science is a bit timid. The mere inclusion of the topic threatens to lower my intellectual tone. A confluence of circumstances forced the subject on me. While recording laughter for an earlier study, one of my subjects laughed so hard that he farted. Since I already had it on tape and was in a sound lab, why not check out the acoustics of farting? This was a defining moment.

With tenure safely in hand, I forged ahead.

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What started as a playful acoustic analysis led to the quite serious consideration of why we speak through the mouth instead of the rectum. Along the way, I discovered a quirky and amusing literature that may elevate the status of the lowly fart as a topic in scientific discourse. Throughout the ages, farting flatulation has generated jokes, folklore, etiquette, and a few legal sanctions, but little research.

The topic has been treated more often in popular fare, including the humorous writings of Geoffrey Chaucer, Benjamin Franklin, and Mark Twain. But this has not always been the case. The Roman Empire once had laws against farting in public places, a sanction that must have caused a lot of fanning and finger-pointing in the Forum.

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The law was lifted during the reign of Claudius, one of the most flatulent of emperors. Consider the sad fate of Pu Sao of the Tikopia in Polynesia, who was so overcome with shame after farting in the presence of the chief that he committed suicide by climbing a palm tree and impaling himself through the rectum with a sharply pointed branch. Sanctions are less severe among the Chagga of Tanzania, but feminists have a lot of work to do there.

If a husband breaks wind, the wife must pretend that it was really she who discharged, and she must submit to scolding about it.

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Failure to accept responsibility can cost the negligent wife three barrels of beer. Modern medicine offers some support, reporting that flatus retention is the major factor in diverticular disease. The origin of the gas that powers farting has been the subject of speculation since ancient times. Ancient encyclopedist Pliny the Elder AD 23—79 claimed that lettuce breaks up flatulence but garlic, leeks, and onions cause it, noting that Democritus — BC totally opposed turnips as food because they cause flatulence. Two millennia later, we have entered the golden age of flatulence research.

Analytical chemists tell us that at least 99 percent of bowel gas is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane swamp gas , with all but oxygen and nitrogen arising from processes within the gut. None of these flatus gases can be detected by smell; the odiferous component must come from other trace gases produced by gut bacteria. Methane is the gas that sustains the odd male ritual of fart lighting, the ignition of farts by a match placed near the anus.

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