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His most poetic trait was his wisdom. His mind was as bright and as pink as the city that he lived in. And the only kids that could live in this bliss were the outcasts for misfits. Those were his companions. Even though they could never understand his struggles through these harsh lands. He gave them the upper hand of his emotional tantrums.

Les dio la ventaja de sus caprichos emocionales.

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Passion, pain and desire. Just like my big bro'. Justo como mi hermano mayor. What you didn't know is this young kid's been in limbo since that gunshot wound on that hidden road. Lost, broken, invisible. Perdido, roto e invisible. But when that light gets slow he's invincible. Pero cuando la luz se hace lenta el es invencible. So much so, that he redefines inevitable. So it'll never go, It seems as though the sun wouldn't set at all.

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The beauty trends by the hand of Sabina Store. Gifts for her. In he was admitted to the Argentine Foreign Service after a public selection process Abel Posse's only son, Ivan, was born in Moscow in January At this time in the Russian capital he also finished writing his first novel, Los bogavantes, set in Paris and Seville, centered on a trio of characters, two of whom are students and one a Foreign Service employee, embodying the ideological tensions of the early s.

This neo-realist novel played an important part in his literary career. All copies were purged of two pages which ridiculed the masculinity of army officers. This singular publishing episode 22 brought him under the attention of those who were the leading literary publishers of the time, Carlos Barral and Carmen Balcells; the latter would become his literary agent. Abel Posse was posted to Peru in and appointed cultural secretary of the embassy in Lima. In Peru he also wrote his second novel, La boca del tigre , inspired by his personal experiences in the Soviet Union.

This novel, clearly influenced by Ernesto Sabato's neo-realist style of fiction, helped the author to articulate his distrust of the overbearing ideologies of the time, in order to criticize the exercise of power in the contemporary world and to reflect on the place of the individual in that historical juncture. This thematic concern foreshadowed the ideas about history in his later novel Daimon. La boca del tigre, which received the third National Prize of Argentine Literature, hints at his initial musings on the notion of Amerincaness americanidad.


Posse was named Consul General for Venice in , where he lived for 6 years. This novel has as its protagonist a fictional avatar of the Spanish conquistador Lope de Aguirre — This fruitless trans-historical rebellion drives him to an ambiguous death in the mids in Latin America, a condition which bears a resemblance to the death of Ernesto Che Guevara's revolutionary venture in Bolivia.

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Several scenes of torture suffered by the protagonist clearly resemble the atrocities committed by the Argentine military during the country's last military dictatorship. Daimon was shortlisted for the prestigious Romulo Gallegos Prize in Its protagonist, Medardo Rabagliatti, a rather mediocre and irresolute suburban solicitor, is witness to the unfolding armed violence perpetrated by groups of youngsters depicted as fanatics and a sadistic military.


Against all odds, the story's denouement sees the vacillating Medardo kill the murderous military leader responsible for the repression, and later oversees the re-establishment of democratic political institutions in the country. The historical reading proposed by the author various characters are clearly fictional avatars of Mario Firmenich and Hector J. As in Daimon, the novel questions the validity of the official historiography of the conquest of the Americas, undermines the laws governing space and time, and anachronism is systematic, as is intertextuality, the pastiche, parody, while the work harbours, like Daimon, a profound reflection on the Latin American condition and its identity.

The dogs of paradise explores the motivations of the Catholic Monarchs and Columbus, as well as the aftermath of the clash of cultures triggers by the arrival of the Spaniards through the dialogical testimony of the defeated. Castilla, Alberto Girri, Raul G. This project was carried out with the assistance of Argentine and French poets, academics and translators.

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The volumes were gifted and distributed to French libraries and universities, with the aim of increasing the interest of these works internationally. After the death of his son, Posse could no longer live in Paris and he was appointed Plenipotentiary Minister at the Argentine embassy in Tel-Aviv.

He returned to writing there, and wrote three novels, quite different to his previous ones. He wrote two novels on Nazism, Los demonios ocultos and El viajero de Agartha Los demonios ocultos was a literary project Posse had begun much earlier in , after having met several Nazis in Buenos Aires during his university days. The protagonist of the novels, cast in a neorealist style, is a young Argentine, Alberto Lorca, who goes in search of his father, Walther Werner, a German scientist specialized in Oriental esoterism, who was sent by the Third Reich on a mission to Central Asia.

The plot takes place in two temporal spaces, the Second World War and the Argentina of the last military dictatorship. Walter Werner as protagonist narrates the story in a diary recovered by his son, which recounts his mission in Tibet in his search for the mythical city of Agartha. The third novel, La reina del Plata , as the title indicates is a homage to the Argentine capital and the period of splendour it once knew. The plot is narrated in fragments comprises ninety short chapters, while the action takes place in the typically Buenos Aires atmosphere of cafes and streets inhabited by the tango, the deep musical expression of the port city, where its characters muse about the past and present of the country.

Menem and is posted to Prague for six years. His stay in the Czech capital is quite productive.

Here he composes his literary essay Biblioteca essential which he publishes in , where he proposes the most important works of universal literature and his own cannon of the literature of the River Plate. In this work, the baroque style of Daimon and The dogs of paradise give way to a more sombre and reflective style. At the same time, Posse collects and recovers the testimony of people who knew her, illustrating and readjusting Eva's own account. Although the text has a clear empathy with its subject, the novel's stated aim is to provide a deeper understanding of this powerful woman than given by previous biographies, taking her life out of the ideological straitjacket and transforming it into a destined life.